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Hello, my name is Gonzalo, and I am an experienced software developer specialising in creating innovative human-computer interactions using cutting-edge technologies. Throughout my career, I have successfully designed and implemented various projects that have pushed the boundaries of digital experiences. For instance, I led the development of an experimental training platform that offered valuable insights into the potential of virtual humans within extended realities as indispensable training tools for cultivating essential leadership skills.

My educational background in Psychology, coupled with my Master's degree in Human Interface Technology, has allowed me to explore the intersection of human behaviour and technology. I conduct in-depth research on cognitive interfaces and user experience, integrating psychological and software development principles to design effective and intuitive applications. I specialise in bridging the gap between people and technology, helping to create meaningful experiences.

With years of experience developing interactive computer applications, I have refined my skills by employing software design principles, learning methodologies, problem-solving strategies, and collaboration among team members. I have extensive experience creating digital content and am proficient in multiple programming languages. My passion lies in utilising technology to enhance people's lives, and I am dedicated to continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of technology.