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Fire Extinguisher VR Training

This virtual simulation project offers an immersive learning experience that focuses on teaching users how to effectively navigate an interactive environment and extinguish fires using an extinguisher. The structure of the simulation is divided into key sections: "Introduction," "Navigation," "Interactable Objects," and "Practical Exercise." This well-organized approach lets users gradually acquire knowledge and skills, ultimately achieving the desired outcome.

Throughout the simulation, a virtual human instructor serves as a guide, providing instructions and support as users explore the environment. Users can teleport and interact with the interface and 3D objects, facilitating a hands-on learning experience. The presence of a virtual instructor ensures a consistent and uninterrupted learning experience. Furthermore, virtual controllers are designed to highlight their buttons, guiding users on how to perform specific actions. As users gain proficiency, the virtual controllers are replaced by virtual hands, enhancing the sense of presence within the virtual environment.